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Microneedling Treatment Specialist in San Francisco, CA

As we age, the skin loses its youthful appearance and tightness. Microneedling reverses this process by stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen. It helps in treating scars, large pores, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Microneedling treatment is offered at The G Spa in San Francisco, CA. For more information, please contact us or request an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 490 Post St, Suite 1703, San Francisco CA 94102.

Microneedling Treatment Near Me in San Francisco, CA
Microneedling Treatment Near Me in San Francisco, CA

Table of Contents:

What does microneedling do?
Is microneedling good for your skin?
How long do microneedling results last?
How often should you get microneedling done?

Microneedling is a popular cosmetic treatment that dermatologists do to encourage collagen production. This process takes advantage of the body’s natural healing ability.

What does microneedling do?

Microneedling is a cosmetic treatment considered to be minimally invasive. It helps the skin by doing light damage that stimulates the body to create new collagen. This is sometimes referred to as collagen induction therapy. The process creates micro-punctures in the skin with small sterilized needles.

The tiny punctures stimulate the natural healing process making the skin more elastic. It also reduces the appearance of scarring and dark spots. Microneedling has become quite popular because of its many benefits. These benefits include:

• Reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles
• Reducing the appearance of scars
• Reducing the appearance of acne scars
• It can reduce enlarged pores
• Reduces the appearance of dark spots, or hyperpigmentation
• Improves skin elasticity
• Creates a more even skin tone
• It can reduce the appearance of stretch marks
• It can stimulate hair growth for people who have alopecia

Microneedling is often less expensive than other cosmetic treatments and can work better for some people. People who have darker skin tones find that it works well and is safer than laser treatments.

Is microneedling good for your skin? 

It may seem counterintuitive to damage your skin to make it better and to appear younger. But that is what microneedling does. Your skin is intentionally damaged to reverse the signs of aging, get rid of acne scarring, improve skin tone, and give your skin more elasticity.

As you get older the body loses moisture and elasticity in the skin. These contribute to skin that can look dull, wrinkled, and crepey. By puncturing the skin with tiny needles, the skin will draw moisture in and start to produce the protein, collagen. Collagen is the protein that helps give skin its elasticity, making it tighter, thus reducing the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and some scarring.

How long do microneedling results last? 

You should expect your results from a microneedling treatment to last from three to five months. How long the results last will depend on how long new collagen remains in your skin and the severity of your skin concerns. Deeper wrinkles and more noticeable scarring will require more treatments to address. People who need to stimulate more collagen for their skin concerns will find that the results last just a few months. People who have mild skin issues will have longer-lasting results.

The durability and quality of the collagen produced can be affected by a few factors. These factors are your age, your stress levels, and your skin maintenance routine. Younger people produce collagen more easily and will keep it in their skin for longer periods of time. More mature people will lose collagen more quickly since they produce less of it as they get older. Stress levels will break down collagen more quickly, as will tobacco use and exposure to sunlight.

How often should you get microneedling done? 

The average recommendation for microneedling treatments is to have them done every four to six weeks. This frequency works well for more people of all skin types. Some people may wish to do this more frequently to treat more stubborn issues, such as deeper lines and wrinkles. Some will require less frequent treatments if they are treating issues like skin color or tone. It will depend on your aesthetic goals as to how often this needs to be done.

As your skin improves, and your aesthetics goals are being met, the frequency of microneedling treatment will be anywhere from six to eight weeks, or possibly longer.

The G Spa is happy to help you understand this procedure better. Call and make an appointment and we can help you reach your beauty goals. Contact us today to book an appointment with our functional medicine doctor, or visit our clinic conveniently located at 490 Post St, Suite 1703, San Francisco CA 94102. We serve clients from San Francisco CA, Oakland CA, Pacifica CA, Brisbane CA, Millbrae CA, and San Francisco Bay Area CA.